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    1.Don't multitipe log-in.

    2.Don't X-log.

    3.Do not swear against other people and be nice.

    4.If your a moderator or admin, DON'T abuse your powers. (Ask about X panic X)

    5.Don't ask moderators or admins for in-game items.

    6.Do not think your invincible and you just can ignore all rules. You can't, thee staff will get you.

    7. Do NOT PK at KBD, Godwars or training, this WILL result in punishment.

    8.Enjoy the game, that's the most important one tongue.gif.

    9.Not to forget, don't start religious conversations about anything. This things always end up bad and a moderator has to come to clean it up.

    All rules must be followed, breaking one will result in punishment.

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